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  • Published on:  Mar 17, 2018
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    Top 10 Harry Potter ParodiesFrom late-night cartoons to big-screen productions, the muggles have run amok. For this list, we're celebrating the best and funniest "Harry Potter" parodies from film, TV, music and online. Expect to see entries from "Family Guy", "The Simpsons", "Saturday Night Live" and "Doctor Who", plus appearances from Lindsay Lohan, Simon Pegg and Jimmy Fallon. Mischief Managed!Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: Peter and the Sorting Hat #9. “The Shakespeare Code” #8. Drunk Ron Weasley #7. “Honest Trailers Harry Potter” #6. “Toadblatt’s School of Sorcery” #5. “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbaijan” #4. “Treehouse of Horror XII” #3, #2, #1: ??? Video Top 10 Harry Potter Parodies upload by channel ago just now with 697k views.Rating: %(by users) - What think other users about this videos -

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