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  • Published on:  Dec 13, 2017
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    I look at the medical accuracy of The Good Doctor and see close to real life it is. Exploring the first episode Including the airport scene! It’s been fun revisiting Scrubs, House MD and discovering Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, ER and The Good Doctor!It started with revisiting House MD- a show I loved before medical school, so I thought I'd check out the latest big medical TV show that is no doubt inspiring the next generation of doctors!Corrections and clarifications:- Defibrillator. I say in the video 'if the heart does stop and you are performing CPR you need to put a defibrillator on as this may help to restart the heart'; I use the term 'stop' very broadly to mean a cardiac arrest, i.e. when the heart has functionally stopped. I'm not talking about asystole which is when there is no electrical activity of the heart. In a cardiac arrest there are 4 rhythms, 2 of which can be restored by a shock from a defib (VT or VF) and 2 which cannot be (Asystole or PEA) Either way a defib / AED always needs to go on a patient in a cardiac arrest, because that's the only way you know what rhythm someone is in and whether it is shockable, and modern AEDs also manage the timings for you.- Savant Syndrome: I incorrectly state can affect anyone, it only be applied to people with a learning difficulties or a mental disability. The point is that not all people with Savant Syndrome have autism; this is where my confusion came from!- Send for help; the reason you should designate someone to get help is because of something called the Bystander Effect, where the more people at a scene the less likely people are to help out - as they think other people will do it.For concise #1minutemedicine check out my Instagram: Insta: Else: Twitter: FB: Clips used under fair use (education and review)The Good Doctor footage owned by Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios.Good Doctor intro Doctor trailer Doctor board room Doctor board room speech Doctor Dr Murphy’s speech Doctor saves kid part 1 Doctor saves kid part 2 Doctor saves kid part 3 Doctor saves kid part 4 Doctor saves kid part 5 Doctor saves kid part 6 Doctor saves kid part 7 Doctor saves kid part 8 Doctor saves kid part 9 Doctor - Korean Static Tilt: Man screen rain 'Escapists' by The AutoDiskoSong 'First Day' by Huma-HumaSong 'See you Soon’ by Otis McDonaldSong ‘New Land’ by ALBISSong ‘Foundation’ by Vibe TracksSong 'Funeral Procession' by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( #doctorwatches #gooddoctor Video How accurate is THE GOOD DOCTOR? Real doctor reaction upload by channel ago just now with 672.1k views.Rating: %(by users) - What think other users about this videos -

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