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  • Published on:  Apr 15, 2018
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    Watch Bengali full movie Champadangar Bou : চাঁপাডাঙার বৌ বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. Directed by Nirmal Dey, starring Uttam Kumar, Sabitri Chatterjee, Anubha Gupta, Kanu Banerjee, Tulsi Chakraborty.Subscribe to “Bengali Songs” Channel for unlimited Bengali Movie Video Songs Champadangar BouLanguage: BengaliGenre: DramaProducer: Nirmal DeyDirector: Nirmal DeyStory: Tarasankar BandyopadhyayMusic Director: Manabendra MukhopadhyayLyricist: Tarasankar BandyopadhyayRelease: 1954Star Cast: Anubha Gupta, Sabitri Chatterjee, Kabita Sarkar, Kamala Adhikari, Asha Devi, Uttam Kumar, Kanu Banerjee, Tulsi Chakraborty, Premangshu Bose, Deben Bandopadhyay, Ardhendu MukherjeeWatch Now!!!!!► Uttam Kumar Bengali Full Movies :►Old Bengali Movie Songs : were four in the family. One of them was Kadambini. She was better known as the 'Champar Dangar Bou'. Her husband Setap, was the head of the village Panchayet. In need of money the villagers run to him only. He used to lend money keeping some thing mortgage. He felt that money was the most important thing in the life. His brother Mahatap was completely opposite. Money was like poison to him. He used to live life in fun. Mahatap's wife Manoda always wanted him to be more calculative in life like his elder brother. While Setap was only interested in money, his wife Kadambini was only concerned about Mahatap gladly. Inspite the differences between two brothers Kadambini was trying to keep their family happy and united until Ghoton entered the scene. Mahatap released his mortgaged paddy and Ghoton without informing his brother Setap - though Mahatap promised to fill the granary again, but Setap still called Ghoton. Ghoton said Setap about the illicit relationship between Kadambini and Mahatap. He also said that Mahatap was doing many things in consultation with Kadambini about which Setap was unaware of. Setap became mad hearing those words from Ghoton. He became anxious to know about what he was unaware of.#Bengalimovie#Banglamovie#bengalimovies#banglamovies#oldbanglamovies#uttamkumarsongs#uttamkumarfullmovie#uttamkumarmovies#uttamkumarmoviesongs#uttamkumarsuchitrasenmovies#uttamkumarinterview#uttamkumarcomedymoviesEnjoy and stay connected with us!!Watch more of your favorite Uttam Kumar Movies Subscribe Now!! ► Website ► us on Facebook ► us on Twitter ► us on G+ ► Video Champadangar Bou | Bengali Movie | Uttam Kumar, Sabitri Chatterjee upload by channel ago just now with 78.2k views.Rating: %(by users) - What think other users about this videos -

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