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  • Published on:  May 24, 2017
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    SUBSCRIBE for MORE ►► in to Clevver’s Facebook on Thursday, May 25th at 3 pm for a Live Q & A with Erin & Matt to discuss her ‘It Got Real’ journey. Feel free to submit your questions in the comments and Erin will answer them on the live show!Erin has never had surgery before, but she has decided to undergo the minimally invasive Acessa procedure to treat her fibroids. After surgery, Erin struggled a lot with anesthesia, and she experienced unusual bladder pains that were due to her catheter. The first day after surgery is very difficult for her but she’s excited to finally be free from her fibroid symptoms.OTHER EPISODES: Episode 1 – Erin’s Bleeding & In Pain - Episode 2 – Erin’s OBGYN Exam - Episode 3 - Erin’s Can’t Get Pregnant? - Episode 4 – Erin’s Uterine Surgery - It Got Real Trailer - For more information on women’s health and National Women’s Health Week please visit: For Erin? Message her on Twitter & Instagram: info on Erin’s doctor: or SUBSCRIBE for MORE ►► More Clevver:http://www.clevver.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: up with us on Instagram: us to your circles on Google+: us on Snapchat: ClevvertvCREDITS:Executive Producer - Erin RobinsonSupervising Producer. - Kevin LeeDirector/Producer - Pamela RobisonAssociate Producer - Olivia DibbsDirector of Photography - Julia SwainCamera Operators - Jeanne Tyson and Ana Flores Gaffer - Kate Steinhebel1st AC - Kate KetchamProd. Coord. - Tina ChoiProd. Asst. - Kate StraussSound Mixer - Victoria CarrilloEditor - Victoria MortatiPost Supervisor - Brett NoborikawaPost Sound Supervisor - Ginge CoxColorist - Robert CrosbyThis program and opinions expressed therein are published for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only and are not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a local physical or other health care professional for your specific health care and/or medical needs to concerns. The program may contain health or medical content that is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.This program does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, brand names, processes, services, opinions or other information that may be mentioned in the program. Reliance on any information provided by employees, or others appearing in the program is solely at your own risk. Video Erin Reacts To Anesthesia (It Got Real Episode 5) upload by channel ago just now with 1M views.Rating: %(by users) - What think other users about this videos -

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