• Published on:  Oct 6, 2017
    Abusive Comments Reported to YouTube. All the best getting your accounts suspended. Don't know the reason why these Scooter guys decided to run from the Cop.. but it felt good to help out by joining the chase and trying to stop these guys. Never run from the police, you only put yourself & others in danger. Thanks to my friend Sumedh for letting me use this clip. Do LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE this video :-)Subscribe to Phantom Rides - Note:Clips used with permission, Original Video by - PINNED COMMENT:Guys, as I can see there is overwhelming support for this video and yet some of them are taking this unnecessarily personal and starting to attack me in the comments (lol) which should be expected from a Youtube video. But to those who don't read description before commenting, this was not me RIDING. A few months ago my friend who is also a subscriber asked me if I would like to share some of his videos and that he is always recording so he gets many interesting incidents which happen on our roads. I saw many clips which he shared with me and decided to use this one. Why? 1. Cause it will morally question you as a society about what do we do as citizens (not police) when we see a crime taking place. These guys could have been anyone, maybe they hurt someone, maybe they were carrying something illegal or maybe just stolen bike without papers. The thing is, as LIKES suggest, majority support the action chosen by my friend. 2. If you chose not to support the actions, then I don't understand what is the point of posting hate comments, but I throughly enjoyed the nonsense. Most hate comments or even threats have come from pretty young kids who do not understand youtube regulations and rules against cyber bullying. One guy got so triggered that he went on disliking all my videos! 3. Now coming to the nonsensical comments, people this wasn't a RACE between Dominar 400 and the Activa. You can clearly see that my friend caught up with them and asked them to slow down. They refused. So he just followed and when they tried to get away. He pointed the cop in the right direction. End of story. No one was hurt, no accident, no one died, nothing.4. If you are still the kind of idiot who is supporting the reckless behaviour of those guys on the scooter, then its your choice. But please don't bring your bullshit in the comments. I honestly don't give two fucks about people who support breaking the law. Also how is it that I am not allowed to post this (assuming am the rider) and what I did is WRONG but god damn you can threaten me and abuse me. Yes, see the logic there?and..5. I will assume that majority of my subscribers whom I call family are educated and responsible bikers who will understand what this video was about. It is not faked or staged, although that would have been funnier if possible. But guys learn to respect the law, even if you do not believe in Police of your city, it doesn't mean they are all bad. Most of them cannot afford good bikes and are not corrupt. But Hey thats not the intention of this video. So what was your take away from this video and let me know what would you have done if you were in my friends place riding the Dominar?Thank you for your support to the channel and more exciting videos coming up :-)Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!Follow me on these Social NetworksInstagram - - - Credits Outro ▶ by Unknown Brain Link do not use any Clip from this video or Download & Share without prior written permission. All Rights Reserved - Phantom Rides Video HELPING POLICE CHASE SQUIDS - DOMINAR 400 upload by channel ago just now with 1.4M views.Rating: %(by users) - What think other users about this videos -

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